Springing Forward

First and foremost, welcome to our new blog!

2011 has been a year of change for us here at Gibson Sound & Vision, the type of change that has allowed us to evolve and push forward for the better. I’m very excited to be a part of this change & I wanted to share some of these changes and what inspired them!

New Website

Our 2011 year started with our new website: shopgibson.com. If you haven’t seen it already, we have put our entire product catalog online for all of our customers to see. We are very proud of it and we’re continuously working on it to make it better for everyone. If you have any feedback on it, we’d love to hear it!

Adapting to Social Media

I believe the biggest change for us here at Gibson’s this year was our sudden push towards social media. We’ve always had our Twitter & Facebook accounts active but it wasn’t until I received a message from a local fellow tweeter (@those2girls on Twitter). The message indicated that I was pretty much doing the whole Twitter thing all wrong….. but wait, how could you do Twitter wrong? Isn’t it just… 140 character long sentences? Boy was I wrong… @Those2Girls were so helpful and even linked me to a blog post to help me out, you can read it here.

So here starts my journey towards social media and how we can use it to engage with our customers and get more connected locally in our region. Not only am I enjoying connecting with our customers, but I’m enjoying learning more about our awesome city, the people in it,  and all of the events happening. I’m not going to lie, I don’t believe I knew about places like Herrles Country Farm Market until I started using Twitter the right way. I’m glad that I discovered Trevor at the Herrles Market (@HerrlesMarket on Twitter). He has done an awesome job of keeping us all connected to what’s going on at the Market. I also don’t think I would have ever heard of events like TEDxWaterloo and the Social Media Breakfast (@SMBWR on Twitter) but I am so glad that I have attended these events and have become a part of the social media community.

I’d love to thank all of our followers on Twitter & Facebook for our journey thus far, our social media journey has just begun and I still have a lot to learn! If you haven’t embraced social media yet, you won’t know what it’s like until you try it! Trust me, it’s worth it! The connections you will make and the things that you learn just from using social media is priceless. If you’re really unsure, you should attend the next Social Media Breakfast – you won’t regret it.

So that wraps up my very first blog post. Stay tuned for lots more I have lined up for this blog, we’re continuously growing & springing forward!

Let me know what you think, what I could change, or even what social media has done for you!

-Annie Tran

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One Response to Springing Forward

  1. Great post! Congrats!
    Whoops I’m the twitter police-ha!

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