The Hunt for QR Codes

A QR Code, or Quick Response code, is essentially a bar code that anyone can scan with their camera-equipped smartphone to easily access the information provided. So, who’s using them in our community?

Over the past month, I’ve gathered some of the mixed reactions to QR codes in our region. So, what did they think about QR codes?

@KarlNieva: More & more promotional products are being printed with QR codes.

@benjaminbach: More brands are using them but I don’t think people know what they are.

@MattScobel: I think they are 2 years away, but fantastic potential.

When I asked if anyone used QR Codes in the region, I received more mixed opinions…

@GregnKW: I use them when I find them, some restaurants have them on the menu.. I also use them when adding people to my BBM, quick contact

@KWASKS: Have a QR reader on my iPhone. The only QR codes I’ve seen were on my phone’s screen. Can’t use the app on screenshots. 😦

@LadyCarni: Use them: no, Know them: yes. Not for any particular reason, just haven’t had the opportunity where it seemed right. I do have an eye out for the right spot though

So here we are, still trying to find out who uses QR codes in our region, and there’s no better way to find out than An Easter Egg Hunt filled with lots of free goodies!

Matt Duench has something awesome planned for our Kitchener-Waterloo Region next week. Check out his Blog for more info! Gibson Sound & Vision will be sponsoring and we will be giving away some awesome goodies, so you don`t want to miss out!

Matt`s Blog: An Easter Egg Hunt Using QR Codes
Matt`s Twitter: @mduench

Have Fun QR Code Hunting!

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