The Truly Accessible Condo

“The team at Gibson Sound & Vision made my life much easier, and living independently is more practical as a result of this installation.” – Jason K.

As promised, this is the first in a series of blogs about some of the fun and innovative Control4 installations that we do for our customers.  For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of home automation, you may want to first read my introductory blog: Home Automation For All.

Control4 Interface

Our custom division was approached by a customer that was interested in making his every day life more accessible and more practical.  Our team at Gibson Sound & Vision sat down with our customer to analyze his vision was and created a Control4 system which is personalized to his own needs and wants while integrating his existing products.

The  features of this system are intended to provide accessibility solutions for a customer with a disability.  The switch, touch screen, and multiple interface placement all assist with ease of use from a wheelchair.

Customer’s Favourite Feature:

“When I enter my condo using the door code,  I get welcomed by my lights turning on automatically and my favourite music begins playing in multiple rooms. “

Customer: Jason K. in Kitchener, ON
System Designer(s): Dave Dryland / Jason K.
Programmer(s): Phil Letto / Dave Dryland

Basic System Functions:

  • Smartphone Controlled: All lighting, climate control, lock, and A/V equipment can be controlled by iPhone, iPads, Mac computer, handheld remote, or remotely via internet.
  • Wireless Music System: Music from streaming music subscription services, (ie Napster,) can be listened to in any room of the condo.
  • Energy Efficiency: Lights / fans turn on and off when motion detectors detect motion.
  • Automated Schedule: Lighting, climate, and music programmed to run on automated schedule, (ie. select lights turn on at sunset, if system detects someone at home).

Advanced Programming Concepts:

  • Security Feature: Door lock programmed with codes for condo management and cleaning staff, email sent to owner whenever those codes are used.
  • Controlling Options: Any Control4 interface can be used to ‘wake-up’ wall-mounted iMac, and play movies from streaming video connection, with full playback and volume control.
  • Multi-Use Light Switches: In-wall switches perform a variety of additional functions, (ie. one switch turns on multiple lights, any switch can turn all lights off with triple-tap, press and hold select switches to control A/V volume, etc).
  • Weather Alerts: Weather forecast appears for 15 minutes on touch screens, at sunrise every day.
  • Customized Alarm: Wake-up alarm in Master Bedroom slowly turns up lights in Ensuite Bathroom, starts music and slowly turns up volume, and eventually turns on Bedroom lights fully.
  • Automatic Shut Down;  When door locks, upon leaving the condo, all lights and all A/V equipment turn off.
  • Motion Detected Shower: When motion detected in customer’s shower, specific shower light and fan turn on automatically.

Control4 Temperature Control Interface

Installation Environment: Existing, fully-finished home with no attic or basement access.

System Price (with installation): $12K

Existing System Components: Pioneer Elite TV, Yamaha YSP Soundbar, Rogers HD PVR, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad 2 x 3, Apple Mac Mini, Apple iMac, and Apple Airport router.

New Components:

Control4: in-wall dimmers x 4, in-wall switches x 11, plug-in dimmer modules x 4, 2-button keypads x 2, 7″ Infinity Edge touch screens x 2, HC300 Home Controller, SR250 handheld remote, wireless thermostat, and Black and Decker Zigbee dead-bolt.
Sonos: ZP90 Zone Player and S5 portables x 2.
Card Access: wireless motion sensors x 5.
New Software: Control4 MyHome Site License, Composer Home Edition, and 4Sight.
Extra Vegetables: Sonos GUI.
Alan Chow (Recluse A/V): XBMC driver.

Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter @GibsonDaveD
Phil Letto: Service Department Manager:
Jason K. can also be contacted via Dave Dryland
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
Control4: General Information 

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