The Secure Home

The Secure Home

As a continuation of our Control 4 installation series, I wanted to showcase different and innovative installations that were personalized by our clients. If you want to read the first few posts, please click here.

Customer: Gareth W
Programmers: Phil Letto / Dave Dryland
System Designer: Dave Dryland

Project: New home Control4 installation with 2 video zones, garage door control, door contact sensors, doorbell and IP camera integration.  Full surround sound system in basement, with subwoofer hidden in adjacent closet, ported into room through fake cold-air return grill.  Two wall-mounted TV locations, with hidden A/V equipment.

 Customer’s Favourite Feature: 

” I enjoy having the ability to remotely monitor and secure myhome, saving the cost of a security company monitoring fee.”

Basic Programming Features

  • Door contacts and IP camera monitored through Control 4 interface on iPhone, TVs, PCs, and remotely through web browser.
  • Ability to open and close garage door from C4 remotes, on-screen navigator, iPhone, PCs, or remotely through web browser.
  • Ability to control all A/V equipment from iPhone, PCs, Control4 remotes, or from web browser remotely.

Advanced Programming Features
Customer can ‘arm’ his self-monitored ‘security’ system by typing special code into either C4 remote.  Once ‘armed’ the system will send emails to the customer if any door is opened, identifying which door, and at what time it opened.  A message is also displayed on the TV screens when the system is ‘armed’ or ‘disarmed’, to confirm that correct code was entered.

When doorbell is pressed the IP camera display appears on both TV screens for 2 minutes.  Also, an email is sent to the customer when the doorbell is pressed, (if the house is ‘armed’,) and he can then remotely view the camera, to see who’s at the door.

Installation Environment: New home
Builder: Integra Homes 
System Price (with installation): $8,000

Existing Equipment:
Sony LCD TVs x 2, D-Link Boxee Box, LG BluRay Player, Rogers HD Terminal

New Equipment:
Panasonic BL-C160A outdoor IP camera, Boston Acoustics P400 Soundbar, Pioneer VSX920 Receiver, Sony BluRay Player, Rogers HD Terminal, Angstrom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, Angstrom subwoofer
Control4: HC200 x 2, SR150 Remotes x 2, I/O Extender,
Software: 4Sight Subscription and MyHome Site License

Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter@GibsonDaveD
Phil Letto: Service Department Manager:
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
Control4: General Information 

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