Installing the Invisible

Quite often we have clients that love the latest and greatest technology, but they may not want to see it once it’s installed. When it comes to custom design, there are things that our installers can do to make everything look like part of the room rather than components sticking out like a sore thumb. Everyone already knows that TVs can be mounted to the wall as an alternative, but have you seen invisible speakers or even a subwoofer?

Our installers recently did an install at a home using the Stealth Acoustics ‘Invisible’ Subwoofer. Chris Rigby, our Custom Project Manager took some pictures during the process, before the subwoofer was invisible for good!

Here's where the Stealth Acoustics 'Invisible' subwoofer will be placed

The team starts by cutting out the drywall making sure it is the exact size and shape of the subwoofer.

The team then places the subwoofer carefully into the opening, running all the necessary wiring in the process.

The finished product! Now all that is left to do is the drywallers tape, mud, and then paint it like the rest of the wall!























Are you interested in Custom installations? Contact us today and we can set up a free, in-home consultation to assess your individual needs.  Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to get up to date info and updates from Gibson Sound & Vision! Check out all of our products and information on our website –

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