Never Forget to Record Again!

Have you ever left the house for the day and halfway to your destination, you think, “oh, shoot, I forgot to record Grey’s Anatomy!!” followed by a long *sigh* because you’re not going to turn back just to record it. In my family it’s usually followed by frantic phone calls to see who is going to be home before the show starts in time to press “Record”. Thanks to Rogers Remote TV Manager, you’ll never forget to record again!

What is it?

Rogers recently rolled out their Remote TV Manager as a way for you to be able to view and set your PVR remotely through your web browser or your iPhone (don’t worry Blackberry & Android users, the app is in process according to Rogers). The Remote TV Manager is conveniently located as part as you MyRogers account which is where you would usually go view your bills and/or other features with your Rogers account. If you don’t have a MyRogers account yet but have a PVR, simply Register Here.

Although the Rogers Remote TV Manager is still in its preliminary stages, (only available to users in Ontario who have the Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR) I am still fairly pleased with the outcome. It’s very easy to access, manage, and record those TV shows that you forgot about!

Remote TV Manager: Web 

Conveniently located in your MyRogers account, you can easily access the Remote TV Manager through any web browser once you are logged into your MyRogers account. Clicking on the “Remote TV Manager” link in your MyRogers account will take you to the Remote TV Manager console which is quite easy to navigate through. Your MyRogers account will automatically detect and connect to your PVR. Once you are connected to your PVR, the TV Guide conveniently shows all of the channels and allows you to navigate through different time frames. The TV Guide in the web browser does a great job at detailing the shows with the TV episode title and description.


Once you’ve found the show you wish to record, you can record a show by simply clicking on it pressing “Record”. Not sure if you’ve already recorded the show? Any shows that are already set to record show up in red with a record symbol next to it so you record your shows twice! The Remote TV Manager still gives you the recording options just like your PVR where you can determine the Start/Stop time, Recording Cycle (i.e. one or ever episode) and Save Time. You can also modify and cancel recordings if you wish to.

Search Features

If you know what show you want to record, but don’t know what time it’s playing, the Search feature in the console is very accurate and will even show you all of the listings for the TV shows for the next week. Similarly, the jump-to feature is great to have if you know what channel and time your show will be on.

PVR Management

If you have multiple PVRs in the house, the Remote Manager shows all of your PVRs separately and lists them as “PVR 1” and “PVR 2”.  It also shows you how much space you already have used for each PVR. Conveniently, you can delete what’s currently on your PVR if you need to make space for your new recordings.

Bottom Line

I still have yet to play with the iPhone app, but the web browser version of the Rogers Remote TV Manager is off to a great start. I’m looking forward to seeing it made available with the newer PVRs. If you want the How-To version of the Rogers Remote TV Manager, Connected Magazine has a great one here


If you have any questions or if you’ve used the Rogers Remote TV Manager, let me know and we can chat on Twitter@_AnnieTran or connect with me on LinkedIn. Make sure to follow Gibson Sound & Vision on Twitter @GibsonSV and on Facebook! You can always check out our products at

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