The Automated Office

Control4 Automation has many benefits to not only residential homes, but also to commercial spaces. Automation in commercial spaces can have great advantages such as an enhanced customer experience, reduced energy use, and more efficient day to day operations.

When we were approached by Brad Smith at IPC Securities Corp., his main goal was to create a system that was seamless, but would create a “wow” factor in his office space. Our Custom Division team designed a Control4 automation system that not only creates a “wow” factor, but it also makes the work environment more efficient and high-tech.

Project:Installation of audio / video / automation system for newly renovated office reception area and meeting room. Reception TV to display presentation and promotional content from dedicated PC. Meeting room TV to be used for presentations from dedicated PC, controlled through wireless keyboard and mouse, with sound through overhead speakers. Other than the TVs, no visible equipment in any public areas. Dedicated PCs can be operated from any other computer station using installed remote desktop software.

Customer’s Favourite Feature: One button triggers presentation mode. Lighting is turned on and adjusted to optimal levels, TV turns on and changes to PC display, and overhead speakers adjust to play presentation audio.

Basic Programming Features:

  • TVs in reception area and meeting room can be controlled via any computer’s web browser, Playbook, or simple hand held remote.
  • Lights in meeting room can also be controlled in the same manner. TV in reception area turns on and off based on preset schedule.
  • Playbook may be plugged in and displayed on Meeting Room TV, with easy to access selection from the handheld remote.

Advanced Programming Features:

  • Lights in meeting room automatically turn on and off, or dim, based on preset presentation scenarios.
  • When entry door opens an email is sent to key personnel, and a desk lamp flashes in the receptionist’s office, which acts as a silent ‘door chime’.
  • The meeting room can be set to ‘alone mode’, so that the door opening triggers a doorbell sound through the speakers, for when no receptionist is present.
Installation Gallery

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IPC Securities Corp.
Brad Smith – Investment Advisor
330 Marsland Drive
Waterloo, Ontario, N2J 3Z1
Tel: 519-578-9504 Fax: 519-725-5525

System Designer & Programmer: Dave Dryland
Installation Environment: Commercial office space with drop ceilings and opportunity to pre-wire during renovation.
System Price (with installation): $6500
Existing Equipment: 2 dedicated desktop computers, Blackberry Playbook, wireless keyboard and mouse.
New Equipment: Sony amplifier, Angstrom in-ceiling speakers, Playbook Micro HDMI cable, Card Access wireless contact sensor, Sony 40″ LED TV and ultra-flush wall-bracket, Sony 46″ LED TV and ultra-flush wall-bracket.
Control4 Equipment: HC200 Home Controller, SR250 Remote Control, In-Wall Dimmers x 2, and Outlet Dimmer
Software:4Sight subscription, and Log Me In (free version.)

Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter@GibsonDaveD
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
C ontrol4: General Information
Photo Credits: Harry Hurst

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