The Re-Automated Home

Our team at Gibson Sound & Vision was approached by a customer that had an existing HAI system integrated into their home. They wanted their home automation system to be able to control more than it was currently capable of. Our team went in and replaced their current HAI system with a Control4 Home Automation system to give this family the smart home they dreamed of.

Project: Install a new Control4 home automation system to take over for the existing HAI system.  The new system needed to be able to control and/or monitor all existing A/V equipment, security system, lighting, IP camera, doorbell, and garage doors.  Our mandate was to improve on the limitations of the HAI system, by allowing for control of ALL home systems from a consistent interface, iPad, iPhone, on screen, PCs, and to offer remote access.

Customer’s Favourite Feature:

Flexibility of control options. “The fact that I can control everything in my home from my iPhone, iPad, computer, and the on-screen display. “

Basic Programming Features: 

  • Lights come on and off inside and outside the home, on a preset schedule.
  •  IP camera can be monitored from any TV in the home, any computer in the home, iPhones, iPad, and remotely.
  • Pre-set lighting scenes can be accessed by one button press on strategically located 6-button keypads, double-tap of same button turns off same lights.
  • Security system can be armed / disarmed from the iPhones, iPad, any TV in the home, any of the computers, or remotely, via any internet enabled computer or smart phone.
  • All 3 garage doors can be monitored and operated from any of these interfaces as well.

Advanced Programming Features: 

  • Any room with a remote has a “lost remote function” which is triggered by tapping any light switch in that room 3 times. The remote then beeps until it is found. 
  • ‘Goodnight’ lighting scene turns off all interior lights, but also checks all 3 garage doors, and closes them if they are open.
  • Doorbell triggers IP camera to automatically be displayed on all TVs in the house, even shows on projector in Theatre Room, but only if that room is in use.
  • When alarm system goes off, list of doors appears on TV to show which door has been breached
  •  LED lights on switches go red when security system is armed, blue when disarmed
  •  When “Play” is pressed in theatre, lights turn off, when “Pause” lights turn back on

Customers: Mike and Melissa
System Designer: Dave Dryland
Programmer: Dave Dryland
Installation Environment: Fully finished home with existing A/V and security wiring.
System Price (with installation): $15700
Existing Equipment: Niles ZR-6 Audio System with keypads and in-ceiling speakers, Niles VS-6 Component Matrix, Rogers HD PVRs x 3, Pioneer VSX31 Receivers x 3, HAI security system, iPad, iPhones x 2, Panasonic 50″ Plasma TV, Sharp 46″ LED TVs x 2, Mitsubishi Projector and fixed screen, Apple TV, Sirius Stiletto, Panasonic BluRay Players x 2, iPod docks x 2, Nintendo Wii, outdoor fixed analog camera.
New Equipment:  Axis 241Q camera server, Linksys E Series Wireless Router, and Linksys Range Extender.
Control4: HC200 Home Controller x 3, HC300 Home Controller, SR250 Remotes x 4, Fireplace Switch, In-Wall Dimmers x 25, 2-Button Keypads x 2, and 6-Button Keypads x 2.
Software: 4Sight subscription, Composer Home Edition, and MyHome Site License.
Card Access: Wireless Contact Sensors x 3, Wireless Relays x 3, and Phone / Doorbell Event Package.

Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter@GibsonDaveD
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
C ontrol4: General Information
Photo Credits: Control4

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