Help My Home Theatre Contest Winner

First of all, on behalf of the Gibson family, I’d like to thank all the participants in our awesome contest and also everyone who voted. It was exciting to see all of the creative entries and we had fun throughout the contest with all of our loyal fans!

Ed Gibson, the founder of Gibson Sound & Vision, has always been extremely supportive of our community and it has been ingrained in the company that we can all do what we can to help. Being born and raised in Kitchener myself, my family personally learned what the Gibson family was all about even before I started working here. The Gibson Family has always been passionate about our community.

This contest for us was not only filled with fun and laughter, but it also helped us remember how powerful and supportive our community really is. When Caitlin Quarry entered her submission for Eileen and Jason, the amount of support in the community and from fellow contestants was overwhelming. Everyone wanted to show support through voting, and even the contestants were requesting that their voted be counted towards Caitlin’s entry so that Eileen and Jason could have a chance to win. The community pulled together to help out a very deserving family. I am honoured to say that Ed Gibson has chosen Caitlin Quarry’s entry for Eileen and Jason as the winners of our Help My Home Theatre contest!

Congratulations to Eileen and Jason, and thank you to Caitlin Quarry for submitting on their behalf. They have won a beautiful 46″ Sharp TV and Home Theatre System. You can read their story and see the entry on our Facebook page.

The Gibson Family would also like to reward a second prize of a $50 gift certificate to Caryn Humphreys for having the most votes in our contest! You can see her entry here.

I’d also like to give an honourable mention to Robb Farago for his creative entry, if you need a good laugh, watch his video!

Thanks again to everyone! Don’t  forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop on all of our contests and events.

-Annie Tran

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