Go Green with Gibson’s!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 Ontario households have at least one electronic item they want to get rid of?

All unwanted electronics shouldn’t end up in landfills because parts of these electronics can be reused and recycled properly to cut down on waste. Here’s a great video from the Ontario Electronic Stewardship explaining it in more detail.

We’re happy to announce our Recycling Event which will run until October 8th! Not only can you recycle your electronics at Gibson’s for FREE, but if you choose to purchase a new one, we’ll give you up to $300 off just for recycling! We’re also happy to announce that all working TVs and the proceeds from the e-waste recycling event will go to support Habitat for Humanity in Waterloo.

So, clean out all of your e-waste for a good cause! We’ll accept all e-waste including TVs, computers, cell phones, printers, MP3 layers, webcams and many more. You can see the full list of acceptable electronics here.

Go Green with Gibson’s and let’s pull together to help the environment and Habitat for Humanity!

-Annie Tran

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