The Integrated Home

We’re often approached by customers who already have a sophisticated system in place, but would love to embrace the newest technology and integrate it into their homes.    With the expertise of our team, we’re able to integrate new technology while keeping components of the already existing system. Not only does the customer have the comfort of not having to replace all of their components, they also get the simplicity of using the newest technology in their home.

Customer’s Favourite Feature:  Versatility of control options, many different ways (interfaces) to accomplish any of the automated functions.


This project involved working with a home that already had a sophisticated A/V system, with hidden equipment locations, 6 video zones, and 6 zones of distributed audio.

We were asked to upgrade key A/V systems to add media streaming capability, BluRay playback, unified control, and some new displays.  Existing analog volume control knobs were to be removed, with upgraded control offered for multi-zone audio, including iPad / PC control and multiple on-wall touch screens.

Home automation / monitoring options were to be added, including multi-room intercom, IP camera at entry, garage door control, fireplace control, doorbell integration, remote access capability, HVAC control, keyless entry door locks, and lighting control.

We were also asked to correct some acoustic issues in the customer’s home gym.  Sound absorption panels were added to lessen “noise fatigue”, and make it easier to enjoy TV and music while working out.

As a follow-up to this installation we will be visiting the customer’s chalet, to add C4 integration to that site as well.  The end result will be the ability for the customer to monitor each property remotely, and run each system identically.  Another blog will follow, to highlight that installation.

Basic Programming Features: 

  • Control from iPad, 2 PCs, 3 on-wall touchscreens, 6 handheld remotes, or remotely through the web for all C4 lighting, all video zones, both fireplaces, HVAC, all door locks, all distributed audio zones, 2 garage doors, and IP camera.
  • Front Foyer lighting turns on automatically if the front door is unlocked after sundown.
  • All music, photos, and videos stored on the NAS drive are accessible from all video and audio zones.

Advanced Programming Features:

  • Goodnight Function: Triple-tap on select switches will turn off all A/V, fireplaces, interior Control4 lighting, lock all doors, and close any open garage doors.
  • Doorbell: When doorbell pressed all media pauses / mutes, chime sounds through all speakers, (including Pool House,) and IP camera temporarily displayed on all TVs, (also including Pool House TV.)

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Customers: Nick and Dana
System Designer: Dave Dryland
Programmer: Dave Dryland

Installation Environment: Existing multi-level home with fully finished basement.  Existing A/V wiring to key zones, with some additional wiring in place for upgrade use.  Separate Pool House also to be automated.
System Price (with installation): $50K


Existing Equipment: 58″ Panasonic Plasma TV, 50″ Panasonic Plasma TV, 46″ Samsung LCD, 2 x Bose Surround Systems, 2 x Bose outdoor speakers, 3 x Pioneer Receivers, Denon Receiver, 22 x In-Ceiling Speakers, 6 x Shaw Direct HD Receivers, 2 x PCs, and iPad.
New Equipment: 60″ Sony 3D LED TV, 55″ Sony 3D LED TV, 40″ Sony LCD TV, Sony WiFi DLNA BluRay players x 4, Monster Ethernet Over Power Modules x 4, Acoustic Research HDMI Over Power Set, OmniMount Half Rack, Panasonic Pan/Tilt Outdoor IP Camera, 12 Primacoustics Absorption Panels, and Western Digital 2TB MyBook Live NAS drive.
Control4: HC1000, H C500, and 6 x HC200 Home Controllers, 6 x SR250 Handheld Remotes, Wifi Speaker Point, 20 x In-Wall Light Switches and Dimmers, 2 x Thermostats, Fireplace Switch, 7″ Touchscreen, 2 x 5″ Touchscreens, 5 x KwikSet Keyless Entry Locks, 16 Channel Amp, Multi-Tuner
Software: MyHome Site License, Intercom License, and 1 Year 4Sight Service
Card Access: 2 x Wireless Relays and Wireless Contact Sensor


Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter@GibsonDaveD
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
C ontrol4: General Information

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