The Integrated Chalet

In our last blog post, The Integrated Home, we integrated new and innovative technology into an existing home. The same home owners wanted our Gibson Sound & Vision Custom Design Team to put a similar system into their Chalet. To make things easier for the customer, we made sure that the systems in the home & chalet were had similar functions to make it easier to transition between both locations.

We were asked to upgrade the existing RF based Universal Remote Control system with a more consistent interface, identical to the Control4 system in their home.  The customer also requested an on-wall touch screen, as well as the ability to control the system through iOS devices and computers.

Home automation / monitoring options were to be added, including IP cameras, garage door control, remote access capability, HVAC control, keyless entry door locks, water detection sensor in the sump pit, and lighting control.  The ability to control and monitor all of these systems when away from the chalet for long periods was a key benefit.

Customer’s Favourite Feature:  Remote access capabilities, ability to walk in to either residence with same iPad and have it integrate with both systems seamlessly.

Project:  This project involved working in a customer’s ski chalet that already had 4 existing media zones, with recently upgraded A/V equipment.

Basic Programming Features: 

  • Control from iPad, PC, on-wall touch screen, 4 handheld remotes, or remotely through the web for all C4 lighting, all video zones, HVAC, 3 door locks, garage door, and IP cameras.
  • Interior lighting turns on automatically if the front or side doors are unlocked after sundown.  Mudroom light turns on when interior garage door opened.
  • Exterior lighting turns on at sundown daily, and off again at sunrise.
  • Audio stored on PC is accessible in any of the 4 media zones.

Interface View from Utility Room IP Camera

Advanced Programming Features:

  • Away Function: Triple-tap on light switch sets chalet to ‘Away’ mode.  LED lights on switch change to red as an indicator, lights begin to follow randomized schedules to give an occupied look.  When returning to the chalet another triple tap will change the LED lights back to blue and stop the automatic lighting scenes.
  • Leak Detection:  If water level in sump pit rises high enough to touch the leak sensor an email is sent to the customer.  The strategically placed IP camera can then be remotely accessed to see the extent of the water issue, and determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Goodnight Function: Triple-tap on Master Bedroom light switch will turn off all interior Control4 lighting, lock all doors, and close the garage door.

Control4 Interface Images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Installation Environment: Existing multi-level log-cabin style ski chalet, with fully finished basement.  No existing network wiring meant that we needed to work with ethernet over power modules for connectivity.

Customers: Nick and Dana
System Designer: Dave Dryland
Programmer: Dave Dryland

System Price (with installation): $21K

New Equipment: Monster Ethernet Over Power Modules x 4, Panasonic IP Cameras x 2, APC UPS Power Bar

Control4: 7″ InfinityEdge Touch Screen, HC300 Home Controllers x 4, SR250 Remotes x 4, Plug-In Switch, Wireless Dimmers x 9, Wireless Switches x 14, 2-Button Keypads x 2, Wireless Thermostat, and Kwikset Zigbee Deadbolts x 3

Software: MyHome Site License and 1 Year 4Sight Service, Extra Vegetables PING Driver

Card Access: Wireless Relay, Leak Detection Package, and Wireless Contact Sensor

 Are you interested in Control4? Send me an email at, I’d be happy to set up a free in-home consultations to assess your individual needs. Connect with me on Twitter @GibsonDaveD and stay tuned for more blogs about Control4!

Contact Info:

Dave Dryland: Custom Department Manager: or on Twitter@GibsonDaveD
Gibson Sound & Vision: Website
C ontrol4: General Information

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