Keeping it Green with Gibson’s

Last fall, we launched our Go Green with Gibson’s campaign to help raise awareness for electronic waste while raising money for Habitat for Humanity. Through providing our community with a free place to recycle e-waste, we collected over 3 tons of e-waste in two weeks! With all of the e-waste materials collected, were able to raise almost $700 which was donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Way to go Waterloo Region!  

Still have some e-waste laying around and not sure what to do with it? Bring it over to us and we’ll make sure to recycle it for you, free of charge. We had such a great success from our last event that we now have a permanent e-waste bin on-site.

We’ll accept anything from computers to TVs to old cell phones. You can get a full list of acceptable e-waste on the Recycle Your Electronics website.

-Annie Tran

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One Response to Keeping it Green with Gibson’s

  1. Steve Nicholson says:

    Great work bu all at Gibson’s. Its great to see a company working for our community and not just worrying about the bottom line.

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