Introducing KEF Reference & Marantz Reference!

At Gibson Sound & Vision, we’ve always been proud to provide our customers innovative and high quality electronics since the store opened in 1955. As part of our 57th Anniversary celebration this year, we thought we would launch something unique to our store. After exploring multiple options, the KEF Reference Series speakers caught our attention – the gorgeous design and innovative technology couldn’t be refused.  The original KEF Reference loudspeaker was designed to be as near to perfect as possible – each speaker that they produce is compared to “The Reference” to which each speaker made must match exactly at every level in great detail.

To complement the prestigious KEF Reference Series speakers, our team is happy to introduce products from the Marantz Reference lineup for the first time in our store. As explained by Jim Ludoviconi, Brand and Project Manager for Marantz: “The Marantz Reference Series is renowned for its sheer musicality, with a soundscape that reveals all the details and subtle nuances of music, from the lowest bass to the highest frequencies, all with keen attention to dynamics and true-to-life music reproduction. “.We’re ecstatic to be bringing the KEF Reference & Marantz Reference together at Gibson Sound & Vision.

We welcome you to join us for the Official Launch Party which is being held tomorrow at Gibson Sound & Vision. If you can’t join us, please feel free to drop by anytime for a demonstration to experience KEF Reference & Marantz Reference.

-Annie Tran

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