Outdoor Living: Entertain in Style with Bose Outdoor Speakers

Now that the warmer weather has decided to make an appearance, it’s now time to take  look at your outdoor living! We all make room for our grills and patios sets, but don’t forget about your outdoor entertainment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to lug out that iPod dock every time you wanted to listen to some music? Outdoor speakers are a perfect way to make it easy to entertain outdoors. They’re weather-proof and come in all different shapes and sizes, best of all, they are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty so you don’t have to worry. Although there are plenty of options out there, our team loves the Bose Outdoor Speaker lineup.

Why does Bose excel at outdoor speakers?

Bose Freespace 51 Speakers

Bose has three outdoor speaker models, the 151SE, 251 and the Top-of-the-Line Freespace 51. The Bose 151 SE and 251 models include the mounting brackets for quick and easy mounting. The Freespace 51 is a in or on ground mode which gives you some flexibility in your outdoor space. The Freespace 51 will give a full 360 degree sound dispersion for the widest outdoor coverage

Most problems with filling any large area with sound, indoors or outdoors, is the localization of the left and right channels. Depending on your seating position , your sound will be biased to whichever speaker you are seated closer too. Bose Outdoor Speakers are specifically designed to disperse sound to a wide listening area such as your backyard or patio in order to fix this issue. You’ll end up getting the best Bose sound no matter how big or small your outdoor living area is.  Their outdoor speakers can produce an accurate wide frequency range including deep impactful bass.

When it comes to outdoor speakers, you’re probably worried that it won’t be able to withstand the Canadian weather. Through extensive testing, they are able to handle extreme weather conditions such as direct sunlight, rain, ice and salt, etc. In the long run, your Bose Outdoor Speakers will perform for your enjoyment  throughout the years to come. Bose also includes a manufacture 5 year warranty with their outdoor speaker product.

Feel free to check out our full line of outdoor speakers on our website. Drop by the store and I’d be happy to talk more about the different options we provide in outdoor speakers.   You can also email me at gary@shopgibson.com.

-Gary Van Dyk

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One Response to Outdoor Living: Entertain in Style with Bose Outdoor Speakers

  1. June says:

    Installing speakers in your outdoor area can greatly improve the area and make it very inviting and entertaining.

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