Come Have a Listen

Come Have A Listen
Gibson Sound & Vision has currently been making some big changes. We just finished renovating a new “Listening Room.” I have to say even if you are not presently looking for audio equipment you should drop by and have a listen, you will be amazed.
We have installed the Kef “R” series surround sound package paired with a Marantz SR7007 Head End receiver. Prepare to be immersed with outstanding clarity and the broad dynamic range presented by this equipment.
The Listening Room has Marantz Reference Audio Equipment incorporated for a truly spectacular 2-Channel experience. Producing music just as the artist intended is the way Marantz has been building their equipment for years. High quality and technical accuracy is why Marantz is a leader in the industry.
At Gibson Sound & Vision we are always striving to provide you with quality equipment at the best value. We have professional and informative staff that will assist you with designing the prefect system and set up for your needs. Our CEDIA certificated installers can even come out and install your equipment to make sure everything is completely optimized. Our full service department will always be here to help you for years to come.

Written By: Gary Van Dyk


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