Ok to 4K

4K Televisions are now ready for entry into the customer marketplace. If you had the privilege of viewing the new 4K entry 84” by Sony you would have been in utter shock to say the least. 4K has also been termed as the “Ultra High Definition“(UHD) or Quad HD and has a pixel rate of 4096 x2 160, which is over 8 million pixels of picture detail.

4k tv

4K Televisions will be entering the marketplace at a steady pace this year and will also provide other additional upscale features to enhance your viewing experience.

Higher-end 4K Televisions will use multiple chip technology that will improve and enhance detail, while removing motion and frame noises.

This is just a brief summary and personally I felt the picture gave you a much better depth of field and very little to no pixilation. Even very small images had great edging with hardly any Mpeg4 noise. Take the time to view a 4K Television; you will be happy you did.

Gibson will be selling the 2013 Sony XBR series in April.  We can’t wait for you to be amazed by 4K!


Written By: Gary Van Dyk

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